Harden believes that the Rockets are talking about how to deal with adversity throughout the season Mike Green Jersey. Beverly's strong team for the whole team made a good demonstration, Harden hope that their teammates can share the joys and sorrows, to overcome the difficulties facing the future. No matter who wear jersey appearance, have to play their own style. "We are all discussing how to face adversity throughout the season, and it is time to respond. In the 2017 playoffs, carrying their loved ones died sadly struggling forward is not only a small Thomas one Zach Sill Jersey. Rockets Beverly in the Western Conference semifinals before the fourth field, got the death of his grandfather, he was on the spot tears out of control. Beverly grew up in a single parent family, in addition to raising his adult mother, to give him the most care is the grandfather Alexander Ovechkin Jersey, grandchildren relationship is very close, the old man's departure to Beverly's mind suffered heavy losses. First of all, the two teams have a great ability to attack, passing well, able to keep the ball high-speed point guard. Westbrook and Wall are all very good at these points of the point guard Chris Brown Jersey. Second, the two teams have a comprehensive ability to have a good hand shot of the flank players. Bill is not as good as Durant in terms of comprehensive ability, but as long as it can keep his hand, no matter in the external shooting or breakthrough on a great threat. In the inside, the two teams have a large iron gate inside. Ibaka and Gortat have a very important task in their respective teams. On the defensive side, both teams also have a top 3D player in the league. Then thunderous Severus, now Wizards of the Porter, are rare 3D Titans.