NBA professional, including the highly professional players, team management, scout group, marketing department, coaching staff are also the world's most professional. The management of the team has always been a big attraction for the NBA Lucas Johansen Jersey, including the operation of the game, the selection of the draft, the coach hired, etc., are fans talk about tea after dinner Curtis Glencross Jersey, but in the peak superstar Baotuan after the wind, the management The technical content of the operation is decreasing. On the other hand, the rational judgment will tell you that it is not worthwhile to give a big deal of $ 200 million for a player who has passed the age of injury and has a history of injury Dale Hunter Jersey. This problem is not only involved in the fate of Lori, but will affect the entire Raptors Braden Holtby Jersey, including Ibaka, Casey coach, Patterson and Tucker and others future. Seeing LeBron continue to hand in the east, the Raptors have to maintain the current lineup? The team's dual-core fate is the most critical issue, the $ 200 million should not be a huge contract renewal Kyle - Or is it possible to consider going to trade? ESPN roundtable experts on the Raptors of the next action were discussed and predicted.